Game Over 360 is the chip controlled descendant of Game Over device series. Innovation and design go together with the powerful DNA 60, which you can customize with the Escribe application thanks to the USB port. 

Game Over 360 is also equipped with the Cappy V5 bottle and the new completely sealed Rapido catch cup connection. 


-DNA 60 board by Evolv with USB port. Up to 60 Watts and customizable settings with Escribe application. 

-316 stainless steel bottom, top and tube

-PA12 nylon body

-gun style battery tube (316 stainless steel)

-battery cap of the same color from the body

-gold contacts

-adjustable pin: the positive pin height can be adjusted for best air positioning (allen key included)

-peek isolators

-bottom feeding atty hole

-Rapido catch cup system with Cappy V5 Pro bottle: food grade silicone bottle with steel cannula and cap, almost indestructible, easy and clean to refill

-18650 size


Please install one of the included o-rings on the catch cup to

-avoid scratches 
-prevent the atty stuck on the base
-avoid dangerous high pressure on the pin
-seal the atty base and avoid issues with leaking atties
-give more stability to inaccurate threaded atties

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